Course Objectives  

  • Promote students’ interest in learning and enhance their sense of accomplishment
  • Nurture students’ learning to cultivate positive civic engagement through values education
  • Unearth and develop students’ potential and enhance students’ sense of achievement in non-academic areas


  • 提升學習興趣,增加成功感
  • 透過價值觀教育,培養正確的人生觀
  • 啟發學生潛能,增加成就。

Course Features

Our school has been implementing the Primary Literacy Programme- Reading and Writing (PLPRW) in Key Stage 1 (Primary 1-3). Every week, there are two lessons taught by a native English teacher (NET). In Key Stage 2 (Primary 4-6), one lesson per week is also delivered by our NET.


Since last year, the Life-wide Learning Programme has been smoothly carried out among our beloved P4-P6 students. A variety of vocabulary and language uses are learnt through theme-based projects. Through this programme, students can develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Generic skills such as collaboration and high-order thinking can also be cultivated and enhanced.


Our Nets

Hi, I am Mr. Griffin, the EDB Native English Teacher (NET) at Toi Shan Association Primary School.  I am originally from Canada but have lived in Hong Kong for many years.

This school year I am teaching primary five and primary six students.  Our lessons will focus on speaking and reading.  My goal this year is for our students to improve their spoken English, by placing an emphasis on discussing things around us as well as enhancing topics in the textbook through readings and activities to give students a more authentic environment to use the language they are learning. 

I value being engaged in a variety of activities in my life in order to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.  Participating in activities and clubs and meeting new people helps me to keep active within the community. I believe involvement in extra-curricular activities is a vital aspect of every student’s education for their successful development.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the TSAP campus. 

Jeff Griffin

Hello! My name is Mr. Thomas! I am from Scotland in the UK where I grew up in the city of Aberdeen. I studied Linguistics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen before moving to Zhongshan, China in 2016 to start my journey teaching English as a second language. There, I discovered that I was passionate about teaching English and passing on my skills and knowledge to others. I have been teaching English in Hong Kong for the last 4 years and I am looking forward to teaching in Toi Shan Association Primary School. See you all in class!


Hello everyone!

My name is Miss Wania and I’m excited to meet you all at Toi Shan Association Primary School.

I grew up in Hong Kong so this is home for me. I’ve been living here for more than 20 years now. I really enjoy teaching here.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and travelling. I like to try out new recipes and learn about other cultures.

I look forward to meeting you all at school and creating lots of unforgettable memories together!



本校在一至三年級推行英語閱讀及寫作計劃 (PLPR/W),每週有兩節課堂由外籍老師教授,而四至六年級學生每週亦有一節由外籍老師教授的英語會話課。本年度,本校在四至六年級推行英文科全方位學習計劃,學生透過專題研習模式學習相關課題的英文生字及語文運用,提升學生在聽說讀寫四方面的英文能力、協作溝通等的共通能力,以及高階思維的能力。


Primary Literacy Programme- Reading and Writing (PLPRW) Programme

英語閱讀及寫作計劃 (PLPR/W)

 P.2 students are learning the vocabulary about taste through the tasting activity in PLPR/W lessons.





English dictation is not easy for our students. They need e-learning and help from NETs. Before dictation, NETs will record the words so that pupils will learn the pronunciation easily. The teachers will also design word games for students in order for them to learn more English.


The teachers ask students to put the letters in the correct order to make words.


With colourful cards, the teachers motivate students to join the word games for dictation revision. 

The students put the words in the correct order to make sentences.



Life-wide Learning Programme


P.6 students are preparing for their group presentation.


Students are experiencing the Virtual Reality (VR) in their learning.


E-action in Writing organized by the SCHOLAR and The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Dictionary Use Workshop

P3 students are learning how to use dictionary in the workshop.



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